Somerset Art Weeks 2016

Yes, it’s that time of year again, and don’t ask me where the rest of it has gone. I had a great time with my canine visitor Carson, and it proved very creative, what with having to get up and out early, with camera, sketch pad and dog treats. But translating the experiences into actual pictures took time. Although I managed to continue to chronicle Carson’s adventures on facebook, not much of it made it onto WordPress.

I have a bit of an idea to get it all into a book, but with drawings rather than photos and I haven’t really had time to develop a drawn doggy character – except this one:  002

Still my local summer views certainly carry on well thematically from the earlier ones. The tracks and fields were in full summer glory and are on a new page in the gallery.

I’m putting some of my favorites here though:p1040066-croppedp1040086-croppedp1040092-croppedp1040106-cropped


I had a different challenge of getting more cards organised, including a new Christmas image, and this is the result:p1040112-cropped

Crickey – that’s the rest of the year anticipated!






Return to Kapi Creek and Turkish Delights come to an end

Early on the Thursday morning we said goodbye to our friends for the penultimate time, as they left at 8am for D Marin in Gocek to join the EMYR (Eastern Mediterranean Yacht Rally). The wind has been (metaphorically) been taken out of everyone’s sails by the news of the Mining Disaster, so their celebrations for the next night were cancelled.

We nipped round the corner, in quite high winds, to Toomb Bay where after a somewhat scary mooring we had a fabulous lunch. How can some one make such a neat job of filleting a sea bream with a spoon and fork in one hand? (The waiter, not us As with all the cooks and waiters in this area, he had to double up as harbourmaster and pilot too!)

In the afternoon afer a gusty sail we moored in Kapi Creeek to meet up with the Flotilla, and spent a very jolly evening catching up with the lead crew and getting to know some of the new people.

We had a wonderful breakfast while I tried to draw a boat which kept being moved from one mooring to another:Turkey 2014 20


And in my archives, I happen to have, again, one I did a few years earlier, looking back the other way:

2011 Kapi Creek


Then it was back to Gocek for the last evening, and a brief visitand final farewell  from our EMYR-bound friends.  And after that a very long day, the Saturday, spent waiting to catch an evening plane. There’s a lot more oen could say about Gatwick Airport and baggage handlers on strike, but none of it is artistic!


So my last drawing is ffrom the Sunsail bar, spinning out the time, finshing my diary, and generally signing off:

Turkey 2014 22

Fethiye again

This time we didn’t have the luxurious Classic Yacht Marina, but had to drop our anchor. It took us several attempts to be sure we’d got it right, since there were a lot of boats out there. The hideous one like an upside-down coal skuttle was still moored, too.

The forest of white masts stood out against the hills. and there was a beautiful Dark Blue two–masted yawl (maybe) at anchor near us.

:Turkey 2014 16 Fethiye resized


We had a fascinating and entertaining evening meal. Our friends to us to the fishmarket, where you buy wahtever fish takes your fancy. Your choice is then taken to one of many restaurants around the covered market to be cooked for you. Delicious and colouful. We’d already run the gamut of the spice and Turkich delight stalls on the way there I’m sure there’s a painting or several in here:

DSCF5148 resized

In the morning, whcich dawned breathtakingly beautiful, the forest of masts was dark against the misty mountains. I did a quick drawing of Samira, the gorgeous boat, before they set sail:

Turkey 2014 17

I took rather a good photo, too, which I’ve used along with the sketch, to work on a painting. Not satisfied (what’s new?) but here goes:.

DSCF5208 trimmed and resized

Karacoeren – just passing by

We were bound for Fethiye again for Tuesday night. Our friends wanted to go to the market there. We decided to take it gently, and take another trip to Karacoeren on the way, as being one of our favourite places. Only just got into the bay to drop our hook when we were spotted by the Lead Crew (Monday night is Karacoeren for the Flotilla). We greeted each other like long lost friends, I made coffee, and we talked about Old Times (as in, last week).

No new drawing time, but a great opportunity for another bit of picture recycling. Here’s one I did three years earlier:

2011 Karacaoren resized

Turkish delights – onboard drawings

It’s been a week since we got back from our flotilla sailing holiday in Turkey and the tan has turned to rust this weekend!

This is the third time over the years that we’ve visited the delightful coves of Skopea Limani, starting our from Gocek this tima. Very relaxing and plenty of time for drawing – no shortage of subjects, of course, in this beautiful part of the mediterranean,

I took a range of art materials, including paints, paper, pencils and about a dozen different types of pen. But in the end I used a normal Uniball,tech-type pen you can get anywhere almost exclusively, because it’s so versatile andyou can write and draw without wasting a second ferreting about for other stuff,

Over the years I’ve found the trick is to start with something interesting in the middle of the page and carry on working outwards until you have to stop and perform some nautical task such as splicing the mainbrace or drinking wine.

Too busy to draw at our departure point in Gocek, but our first stop on the Sunday night was the gorgeous green fringed cove at Sarsala, where the cooking is done on a huge woodfire set in the pine trees:Turkey 2014 01 resized


This was done from our boat Calypso, firmly moored and in sheltered waters so it was a good stable platform – not always the case on a boat. I put some pencil ahading in the background which didn’t really work, but that’s less obvious when scanned.

The next morning I spotted an impressive cactus which distracted me from the morning briefing:

Turkey 2014 02 Sarsala 2And then it came on to rain. This strange framing is at the top of the steps (I should say ‘Companionway’ ) that lead out into the  cockpit, so you see bits of boat and the view behind.

Turkey 2014 03 Sarsala 3We waited till it eased and then moved on to our next destination…