Somerset Open Studios 2016

It’s not Somerset Arts Weeks now, it’s Somerset Open Studios. If you click on that title at the top of the website you’ll get a selection of the new work I’m showing, under the headings ‘Winter and Spring’ and ‘Summer’, for reasons which I hope will be obvious!

I’m very happy  to say that I’ve been so lackadaisical about keeping the website up to date that I’ve already sold Four pictures!


Slow March

The title conveys my pace of work, not the fact that March has been a slow month – au contraire, we’re nearly at the end of it and I have been silent all month!

I’ve been enjoying the local lanes and hedges, in that period where everything is twiggy and you can see much further than when all the greenery bursts forth.

I’ve been particularly inspired, again, by the work of Rowland Hilder who excels at that kind of low key winter landscape. We don’t have any of his beloved oasthouses in Somerset but we do have the hedges, lanes , bare trees and wheelruts.

This selection is based on the subtle, rather than spectacular glimpses that are seen  by the farmers, walkers, riders, cyclists and motorists who use the triangular network of lanes between Moorlinch, Stawell and Sutton Mallet. Beauty on our doorstep!


P1030070 cropped

This view looks beyond Sutton Mallets to the Quantock Hills.

P1030079 square

The maize stubble is wonderful for showing the shape of the contours – this is sketched just past Fursedown Farm.

More lovely hedges showing how the lane loops, between Tapmoor and Sutton Mallet Farm:

P1030103 cropped





Back to the drawing board

Last night I was thinking about my forthcoming illustration for the front of the Parish Magazine – covering Moorlinch, Othery, Middlezoy, Sutton Mallet, Stawell and Greinton. I try to make the drawings seasonal and local. We’d had a fair bit of rain over the weekend so I found a 2012 photo wich would bring back memories for all those edge of the Somerset Levels villages. This’ll make a good basis for my drawing, I thought:


DSCF9551 resized


I planned out the drawing . However this morning I took a fresh look at the scene after another damp night and this is what I saw:


DSCF4376 resized


Less dramatic lighting but a lot more water! As I say – back to the drawing board…OUR floods are set to rival those at Burrowbridge:


2011-01-06 February flood_web



This was 2006. Or this, in 2010…February


Now I look back, floods seem to feature quite a bit in my work. I did this last year when they reached biblical proportions – for a different magazine. Maybe I can recycle it…

Polden Post 2013 01 - From Noah with sympathy... resized