How to avoid Cute

There should be a question mark somewhere in the title because I don’ profess to know how. Those last two adorable creature from the previous post illustrate that – they’re cute. And it’s not always what you want.

OK, in a greetings card. But take my sheep for instance – and there are a lot of them:

And there are loads more where they come from. Sometimes you want them to look – well, neutral…sheeplike and I find that really difficult.

So I was genuinely delighted to see on the walls of the splendid gallery of Hauser and Wirth in Bruton, Somerset, an Elizabeth Frink drawing of a really…well,p1040850-resized not-cute sheep.  Ugly doesn’t come into it. It’s utterly and essentially a sheep

Now if that comes out underlined I didn’t mean it to – but it serves well. So I shall turn to this image when I feel the urge to make those eyelashes longer or give an almost-smile. Well I’ll try!



It’s been a while…

…since I posted and behind my back some changes seem to have occurred to what I see when I look ar this page!

Where’s the dashboard? Where’s the column on the right where you put the tags? Help!

Oh rhubarb, just write something. I’ve been out of most of my loops owing to medical problems of my nearest and dearest: suspended work with The Chandos Society, Moorlinch Art Group…did manage to get a couple od drawings done for the two monthly magazines I contribute too, inspired by the lambs at the bottom of the garden:

Polden Post 2015 04 - Ewe and lamb resized

MOMSS 2015 04 - Triplets

The only other thing I’ve produced is a painting donation for a charity event . This is an auction organised by the bother of a friend of mine, illustrator Keziah Herbert who lives in our village.

John Herbert writes: ‘We are playing a Friendly Cricket Match on the 21st of June 2015 at Clarence Park in St Albans, Hertfordshire, the Phil Milton Memorial Match..

Phil Milton was a founding member of my Cricket Club, Wicket Keeper and eventual Chairman before he retired and went to run the Colts at St Albans Cricket Club. He became their chairman and was credited with saving the club from bankruptcy. Unfortunately Phil passed away in November 2011 of Skin Cancer and although both clubs play a memorial game each year in his name, we decided this year to do something to say thank you to the charity who looked after him, so there will be an auction to raise money after the game..

Details on  ‘

I had to seek assistance on how to fiddle about with players in a match (compostionally speaking) and I was working from a tiny photo but I’m quite pleased with the result which coveys a suitably vague summery scene, I think.

P1010369 cropped

And I hope my ignorance of the finer points of the game are not too obvious!

Back on Dry Land?

It seems the Somerset Levels acquired fame while I was away in the parched arid Lake District.We always thought Moorlinch felt like a seaside village …DSCF4371

Although I didn’t get much painting done while we were away I managed to deliver some replacement work to the Troutback cafe:



…(on the left hand side of the window, among other locations) which was warm, wecoming and had masses of wonderful homemade cake.

I’m also pretty sure I’ve found the subject for my 2014 Christmas card:DSCF4465

All those gorgeous colours! I usually pick a white subject (sheep,geese, swans, pony, sheep, cattle, goats, ploar bears, oh and more sheep..) and see how many colours I can work in.

And there is one little mystery I’d like to solve:DSCF4511

Who were they?