May – just in time?

Just spotted the calendar (hi tech, me). So nearly failed to achieve my target of posting at least once a month.

I had to wait to publish my most recent work which is a painting of our local, the good old Ring O’Bells, Moorlinch. This was a wedding present for Trish and Clive the landlady and landlord, handed over at a wonderful party at the pub last Friday. I’m sure I was not alone in feeling I’d perhaps had too good a time on Saturday!  (Actually I typed ‘satyrday’. That sounds like the title for a Nancy Farmer Painting so I must suggest it to her).

Anyway it was a while since last ‘did’ the pub and it was quite difficult to avoid being spotted, but I think I got away with it:

P1030425 Pub cropped

A couple of weeks back I finally decided ‘it is what it is’ , photographed my latest version of ‘The impossible View’  (as described in my April post) also known as ‘Looking out out over the Levels,’ and took it off the stretching board:

P1030438 cropped

I’m sure it won’t be the last time I’ll tackle this one!

I did discuss this project with a very sympathetic artist and her colleague who came to our Moorlinch Art Group and gave us a memorable workshop on creating sketchbooks: Sue Lewington and Jackie Hichens run excellent classes that really made us look differently on our sketchbooks

I couldn’t resist buying one of their handmade sketchbooks and ‘christened’ it straight away:

photo 4They brought masses of resources with them and we all got stuck in. Thanks Sheila Jones for organising!



Christmas at Moorlinch

Long time, no blog! Meant to write about preparations for our Moorlinch Artists’ Christmas offering and now it’s happening anyway.

Print screen

I’m joined again by Sheila Jones, a resident of Stawell a couple of villages away (but we don’t hold that against her!) and Kez – Keziah Herbert to be correct – who has held the fort at our Moorlinch Art Group sessions where I’ve been notably absent for much of the year. Kez has just produced a beautiful Colouring Book for sale and is even now demonstrating what fun it is:


I’m quite pleased with my  new product: boxed notelets featuring some of my black and white drawings. I have a regular supply of these as every month I illustrate the front page of the parish magazine and the back page of the Polden Post.  Here is my marketing approach:Black and white pollarded willows

And I learnt how to  make up boxes, too (eventually). This is me displaying my wares:


So we’ve found time to take pictures:


And finally, here’s our store of Christmas goodies on offer – the edible, as opposed to artistic,  kind. Merry Christmas!

20151204_125111Christmas goodies





Christmas is coming… or The Small Picture

I read this week that somebody won a statistics prize for analysing mentions of the festive season and discovered: yes, Christmas is starting earlier each year!

We Moorlinch artists (plus our new colleague Sheila Jones from nearby Stawell) have not been able to resist the lure of the lights and glitter and so we’re busy prepating for a Christmas Art and Craft event the weekend after this coming one.

Two venues this time: Spring Farm and Nancy Farmer’s Studio just down the road (next to the Ring O’ Bells) at The Old Farmhouse.

I was at a loss to know what special new thing to do. People were talking  ‘small pictures’ as being more saleable. Hmm…how about really tiny pictures then? So some weeny easels, some canvas boards three and a half inches by two and a half, and quite a lot of time later, I have some ‘stocking filler original art’!

P1000473_2 cropped

They have proved difficult to photograph in artificial light, however.

Still here are some, completed:

P1000472 cropped

And here’s a ‘serving suggestion’!

P1000466 cropped

It’s been interesting using watercolours straight from the tube or with Aquapasto thickening medium – which because it has a lot of gum arabic means the paint can be lifted more easily – and some white acrylic. Choice of subject was challenging too: bright coloured scenes, simple shapes worked best.

Our Christmas Fair id from Friday 21st Novenmer to Sunday 23rd November, 11am to 5pm.

xmas invitation 2014



That’s what I feel I’m doing at the moment. Not literally in fact, but metaphorically  paints, brushes, palette, water pots are whizzing round my head. Yesterday was time to meet up again with Moorlinch Art Group, a delightful collection of women artists of a certain age. Not that we practise any age or gender discrimination, it just happens to look that way at the moment. We meet once a week in Moorlinch Church Hall. The surroundings are truly inspiring : ancient church, apple orchard with fully laden trees and sheep jostling over the windfalls, views way out over the Somerset Levels and a clear blue sky.Took the photo because it wouldn’t hurt to encourage a few more member, so I’ll put a little piece in a couple of local magazines.

Some members of Moorlinch Art Group

Some members of Moorlinch Art Group

Last week it was all Chandos Society stuff – another group which has me as Chairman, but never mind. OUr exploits are recorded on .We’ve recently opened one of our two exhibitions this year at Bridgwater Arts Centre.

Finally of course, there is Somerset Art Weeks with just over a week to go to my preview on 19 September. I’ve been spending time with my pictures, juggling them from wall to wall too.I’ve delivered all Nancy Farmer’s work and bits and pieces so now it’s just me and my work – scary!

Somerset Art Weeks 2014 – some pictures on the wall!

Not only do I have to decide how to display my new paintings for Somerset Art Weeks 2014 – I actually have to come to terms with a new gallery. Nancy Farmer (we’re related) has left me the Cider Barn Gallery at Spring Farm and gone home to The Old Farmhouse where she will be displaying her Somerset Art Weeks exhibition in her studio there – don’t think she’s given it a name.

In fact, though she may have left there are quite a few Nancy Farmer artefacts lurking. So for the moment I’ve pushed most of the stuff into the middle and made a start at hanging work on the wall.

I started with my Meadow and Fields pictures: scenes of field patterns seen from the hill above Moorlinch at harvest time, looking out over the Somerset Levels. You’d never guess this was a vast lake at the beginning of the year.

Meadows and fields was also the first theme I illustrated in my Gallery page, sharing the title of ‘ Somerset Art Weeks 2014 collection’. I’ve gone on to do a page called ‘House in the woods’, another of my 2014 themes.

The picture so far:

DSCF6182 resized


And on the other wall:

DSCF6181 resized


It’s a start!

New work on the wall

Somerset Art Weeks 2013 is fast approaching for the 100 or so venues that will participate in what Kevin McCloud of Grand Designs calls ‘ a much-loved and annual event’.

However for the four of us Spring Farm Arts participators it’s approaching even faster! Not because we’re in some kind of alternatively-timed universe but because we made a cock-up in our current leaflet and we advertise ourselves as starteing on September 15th, where the rest of the county starts on 21st September.

So, making a virtue out of necessity, we launch on Sunday next with an Arty Tea Party, with cake, tea if you must but obviously something more alcoholic too.

Now I know daughter Nancy Farmer is coping with two exhibitions at once so I guess I’d better have a stab at putting some of my new for 2013 artwork onscreen.

I’m starting with one of my favourite topics – boats: some inspired by nearby scenes, others are from further afield (asea?)

A  palette of boats, low tide, Lyme Regis

A palette of boats, low tide, Lyme Regis

In the harbour, high tide, Lyme Regis

In the harbour, high tide, Lyme Regis

The town quay, early morning, Korcula, Croatia

The town quay, early morning, Korcula, Croatia

Sail, sea and sky

Sail, sea and sky

Sticks and stones

Not a post about insults, but about my Beach which I first talked about on the Spring Farm Arts site. It’s outside my front door and it all started when we had all the weeds and undergrowth cleared and had stones put down. As soon as I walked on them they reminded me of scrunching along on Sidmouth beach as a child

fossils and stones from the IOW

fossils and stones from the IOW

DSCF2920 resizedDSCF1323 resized

...with added artists for an artcle about a summer open weekend at Spring Farm

…with added artists for an artcle about a summer open weekend at Spring Farm


I gradually went about increasing the Sea-side Effect, particularly with a Somerset Willow Lobster pot, and a wonderful anchor and chain – an amazing birthday present last year from daughter Nancy.

Obviously I’ve planted sea-holly and thrift, The seaweed from last year’s Scottish holiday is looking a bit crunchy though.

I tend to go to yacht chandlers rather than garden centres for my accessories now, and I have two marvellous pieces of rope from Yarmouth, on the Isle of Wight (also some fossils from a fascinating fossil walk with Felicity. Wow – what alliteration!). I’m not yet sure how to present them…

I’ve collected up most of the pieces of driftwood, stones and shell that have been lurking in bowls and baskets all over the house, the product of years of not being able to not pick things up on beaches.

And the great thing is, when I’m even more into my dotage I shall be able to go beachcombing from my own front door, delighting in finding again all the interesting stones and pretty shell I’d forgotten I put there!

A different artistic hat…

It’s a while since I posted on Art by Anne Farmer. One of the reasons is that I have been grappling with another blog – chandossociety – on behalf of another group I belong to (in fact I’m the publicity officer and Vice Chairman ) and this has taken a lot of blood, sweat, tears and keyboard time. Thanks to my trusty advisor Nancy Farmer, it’s gradually taking shape.

I’ve just reported on our 6th Bridgwater Art ChallengeBridgwater Art Challenge 2013 poster

and my own work will be based on sketches made at these locations in the town:DSCF2940 resized

One is the elegant, ancient bridge, rather monochrome and atmospheric. The other is a bustling scene with primary colours. Our pictures, when developed, will form part of an Exhibition at Bridgwater Arts Centre in September

DSCF2947 resized