SAW 2014 Halfway House

So here we are, halfway through the Art Weeks. I remember someone a few years ago saying that when they went round the open studios, all the artists were at their computers, as I am now.

Actually I’m sure that’s a bit old hat, now, what with smartphones ( which I don’t use) and tablets ( which I do use). In fact I have done a bit of ‘proper’ art work, preparing a couple of collages for a local exhibition. Foolishly I forgot to photograph them and now they’ve gone. It isn’t that easy to throw yourself into a major project when you might have to stop at any minute, but you can use scissors and glue on a stop-start basis.

I’m also starting on a drawing on the theme of Poppies which I’ll try to record. The Poppy exhibition will be at Bridgwater Arts Centre as part of a First World War commemoration.

So – over the past eight days I’m very pleased to have sold eight paintings,some of them even to people I didn’t know!

Paintings I’m saying goodbye to:

My preview was well attended by my faithful friends (who are also often my customers) and I thank them very much.

Word on the street is that numbers are down this year, somewhat inexplicably, and I agree with that.  Certainly the marketing doesn’t seem to be reaching the parts of the visiting public it once did. A bit disappointing, considering we’ve heard it  from our leaders that business is booming again.

It’s a good opportunity to catch up on a few jobs too – I had a Kangeroo in my in-tray awaiting repair. All stitched up now, she (and her baby in the pouch) will be reunited with owner Max when we meet for a walking holiday soon. Max, at six,

Hop it! Kageroos with sticks

Hop it! Kageroos with sticks

thinks no walk is any fun without the acquisition of a stout stck. So I’ve provided the kangeroo and her Joey with their own sticks: