A new look

Thanks to the newest of the group of artists and makers I work with on the site here at Spring Farm we have a new, improved website – with added Stitching and Photography!

SAW 2017 is looming so before September we thought we should just haul the creased and crumpled Spring Farm Arts website out of the cupboard. Thanks to Pam Martin of http://somersetstitch.blogspot.co.uk/ we are freshly pressed and ready to greet you. So do visit https://springfarmarts.wordpress.com/

No pictures here this time but lots on the website!


Christmas at Moorlinch

Long time, no blog! Meant to write about preparations for our Moorlinch Artists’ Christmas offering and now it’s happening anyway.

Print screen

I’m joined again by Sheila Jones, a resident of Stawell a couple of villages away (but we don’t hold that against her!) and Kez – Keziah Herbert to be correct – who has held the fort at our Moorlinch Art Group sessions where I’ve been notably absent for much of the year. Kez has just produced a beautiful Colouring Book for sale and is even now demonstrating what fun it is:


I’m quite pleased with my  new product: boxed notelets featuring some of my black and white drawings. I have a regular supply of these as every month I illustrate the front page of the parish magazine and the back page of the Polden Post.  Here is my marketing approach:Black and white pollarded willows

And I learnt how to  make up boxes, too (eventually). This is me displaying my wares:


So we’ve found time to take pictures:


And finally, here’s our store of Christmas goodies on offer – the edible, as opposed to artistic,  kind. Merry Christmas!

20151204_125111Christmas goodies





Fethiye – Tuesday port

The Classic Yacht Marina in Fethiye is really smart, much changed from the last time I was here, although there are still the little tiled Chinese-looking buildings behind the pink Oleanders on the far right of the harbour. There are forests of masts and some extraordinary (and ugly) motor yachts. I didn’t get round to draing untils the following morning, after partaking of a magnificent breakfast buffet!

This drawing, like the others is a stich of two pages of drawing book, with no time to finish the left-hand page. I don’t think it’s right to ‘improve’ on the originals once one has left the scene. As my much more accomplished painting friend Jenny Graham told us in one of her classes:’you might make a different picture, but you won’t make a better one’. So at some point I’ll be taking these darawings, along with photographs taken at the time, and making ‘different’ pictures.

Turkey 2014 25 Fethiye stitch resized


As I said, the surroundings were very stylish – I specially liked the hanging of gorgeous old doors on the curved covered walkway outside the ladies’ loos:

DSCF5015 resized