Somerset Art Weeks 2016

Yes, it’s that time of year again, and don’t ask me where the rest of it has gone. I had a great time with my canine visitor Carson, and it proved very creative, what with having to get up and out early, with camera, sketch pad and dog treats. But translating the experiences into actual pictures took time. Although I managed to continue to chronicle Carson’s adventures on facebook, not much of it made it onto WordPress.

I have a bit of an idea to get it all into a book, but with drawings rather than photos and I haven’t really had time to develop a drawn doggy character – except this one:  002

Still my local summer views certainly carry on well thematically from the earlier ones. The tracks and fields were in full summer glory and are on a new page in the gallery.

I’m putting some of my favorites here though:p1040066-croppedp1040086-croppedp1040092-croppedp1040106-cropped


I had a different challenge of getting more cards organised, including a new Christmas image, and this is the result:p1040112-cropped

Crickey – that’s the rest of the year anticipated!





Somerset Art Weeks 2014 – some pictures on the wall!

Not only do I have to decide how to display my new paintings for Somerset Art Weeks 2014 – I actually have to come to terms with a new gallery. Nancy Farmer (we’re related) has left me the Cider Barn Gallery at Spring Farm and gone home to The Old Farmhouse where she will be displaying her Somerset Art Weeks exhibition in her studio there – don’t think she’s given it a name.

In fact, though she may have left there are quite a few Nancy Farmer artefacts lurking. So for the moment I’ve pushed most of the stuff into the middle and made a start at hanging work on the wall.

I started with my Meadow and Fields pictures: scenes of field patterns seen from the hill above Moorlinch at harvest time, looking out over the Somerset Levels. You’d never guess this was a vast lake at the beginning of the year.

Meadows and fields was also the first theme I illustrated in my Gallery page, sharing the title of ‘ Somerset Art Weeks 2014 collection’. I’ve gone on to do a page called ‘House in the woods’, another of my 2014 themes.

The picture so far:

DSCF6182 resized


And on the other wall:

DSCF6181 resized


It’s a start!

Branching out

I’ve feverishly been trying to take advantage of the last of the winter trees when it isn’t raining – an infrequent occurence until about three weeks ago. Leaves on a tree turn it into a differenbt object entirely. I know fresh young green leaves are gorgeous but they lack the drama and definition to my mind. And they are so…well, green, and I don’t get on too well with green.

First came the ancient cherry plum tree. Word has it round here that this is a Somerset invention (older even than the floods). Certainly everybody’s garden round here has one of these really early-blossoming beauties. Never mind that the fruit is a bit of a trial to do anything with except eat straight off the tree. (The fox collects the fallen ones.)DSCF4843 Desirable residence cropped and resized


I cal this ‘Desirable residence’ – spot the bird box! – although nobird has moved in yet.

Then a trip to norfolk provided House in the woods, aagin with flowers, this time snowdrops:

DSCF4841 House in the woods 2 cropped and resized

Then I found House in the woods 2, in the lane behind our hill:

DSCF4839 House in the woods 1 cropped and resized


See – loads of lovely branches!

The thing with Winter trees is that you see more through them, especially roofs. So  worked on a ‘Roofscape’ of the village before the leaves crowded in.

DSCF4844 Moorlinch roofscape crop 2 resized

Some left-over cherry plum blossom in that one.

Meanwhile I had been metaphorically branching out into collge with the barn roofs on the farm. It was fun to do, and moderately successful. Spot the crossword!

DSCF4847Barn collage crop 2 resized


Finally for something completely different – we went to a preview of Jackie Curtis’ current exhibition ‘Birds of a feather’ at Bridgwater Arts Centre. A stunning show of lino-cuts, prints, collagraphs and some amazing huge woodcuts. This flock will be winging its way into our home since my husband really fell for it:

Flock copy WAP resized

Jackie is a fellow Chandos Society member so her work appears from time to time on the header of my blog of that name (I would have used the word ‘eponymous’ but it’s a bit scary).

Flood tourism

OK -guilty (of flood tourism). I’ve just taken a turn a few miles down the A361 to Burrowbridge and I wasn’t the only photographer there! You have to gather your material when and where you find it I suppose. Earlier posts show quite a lot of flooding in my work – you could say it’s part of where I live. My excuse also is that friends form all over (even from New Zealand) ring to ask if we’re all right and ‘What’s it like?’

The Bridge is barely ‘over troubled waters’:


Bridge nearly under troubled water

I’ve never seen a more obvious siteDSCF4534 resized for a protest message!

This is the A361 just the other side of the bridge:


And on the bridge I met Ravi and his colleague from Slough:

DSCF4521 resizedRavi (Ravinder Singh) has come to help out, and has rung mates from Birmingham too. He’s been helping evacuate residents and is the founder and CEO of Halsa Aid, an organisation that seems to have the aim or tackling disasters anywhere. ‘We’re not used to needing it here’, he says ‘But people everywhere need the welcome, and the warmth of someone helping out.’  Cheerfully he gave me his card with the motto ‘Recognise the whole human race as one’.  ( )

Back on Dry Land?

It seems the Somerset Levels acquired fame while I was away in the parched arid Lake District.We always thought Moorlinch felt like a seaside village …DSCF4371

Although I didn’t get much painting done while we were away I managed to deliver some replacement work to the Troutback cafe:



…(on the left hand side of the window, among other locations) which was warm, wecoming and had masses of wonderful homemade cake.

I’m also pretty sure I’ve found the subject for my 2014 Christmas card:DSCF4465

All those gorgeous colours! I usually pick a white subject (sheep,geese, swans, pony, sheep, cattle, goats, ploar bears, oh and more sheep..) and see how many colours I can work in.

And there is one little mystery I’d like to solve:DSCF4511

Who were they?