Last day reflections

HereĀ  I am with a couple of hours of Somerset Art Weeks to go. I’m fairly pleased with visitor numbers and sales. I have not been idle in the slack times either. It’s been a brilliant opportunity – shut up with an ipad for company – to try out some e-drawing.

I went on a course a few weeks ago given by Alison Jacobs, a local artist who is Somerset’s answer to David Hockney, with an awesome mastery of drawing on an ipad.

We downloaded several apps and tried out techniques but I didn’t feel I’d really put what we learned into practice. And if you don’t keep using computer stuff you forget. Well, I do!

I took a photo of Carson my holiday dog, one of many taken over his Somerset holidays. He writes a dogblog on facebook when he’s staying in Moorlincgh, so I was spoilt for choice.



Then I messed around with 5 different apps, my finger and I stylus I bought, and dozens of different techniques. Here we go:

FullSizeRender ipad 5IMG_0964 ipad 2IMG_0965 ipad 1IMG_0966 ipad 3IMG_0967 ipad 4



So – a work in progress! Might consider trying a graphic novel (comic ?) one of these years!

Only one hour to go now…

Back on Dry Land?

It seems the Somerset Levels acquired fame while I was away in the parched arid Lake District.We always thought Moorlinch felt like a seaside village …DSCF4371

Although I didn’t get much painting done while we were away I managed to deliver some replacement work to the Troutback cafe:



…(on the left hand side of the window, among other locations) which was warm, wecoming and had masses of wonderful homemade cake.

I’m also pretty sure I’ve found the subject for my 2014 Christmas card:DSCF4465

All those gorgeous colours! I usually pick a white subject (sheep,geese, swans, pony, sheep, cattle, goats, ploar bears, oh and more sheep..) and see how many colours I can work in.

And there is one little mystery I’d like to solve:DSCF4511

Who were they?

Thinking outside the Box(er)

Tigger helpingRocky finished, reduced DSCF1915

I was recently commissioned by a friend to paint a commemorative picture of Rocky, a noble Boxer dog who had gone to the great kennel in the sky. She provided me with many photographs and wanted Rocky and their house in the picture oh, and the collar was important too. This gave me a bit of a compositional problem, what with a house being big and a dog, relatively, small. I started out thinking of having Rocky standing outside the door, or in the gateway. But cropping out most of the house really wasn’t working. Then I hit on the idea of putting the house in the background with Rocky standing in the lane at some distance. That worked fine. I experimented with different doggy effects and in the end came up with something that satisfied me and Rocky’s owner. Mind you, the cat regarded the whole exercise as very suspect.

sketchbook Rocky DSCF1929