The Artist’s year

The artist’s year  is a bit of a muddle. Hard to get outside in the cold beginnings of the year but the two monthly magazines I draw for still need something seasonal to put on their pages. I scour old sketchbooks for inspiration. For February found a drawing of a hellebore and some ‘parked up’ wheelbarrows (which came in very useful later…)

Then for March there was the gift of the red super blue moon – not sure those adjectives are in the right order – from a quick early morning snapshot. And a few moments snatched outside the hall during one Wednesday morning Art Sessions gave me the rooftops.



The next task was more far-reaching: fill in the entry from for Somerset Art Weeks in September, and select an image. So I swiftly worked on a couple of animal pictures that might also serve as my Christmas card (even further away), some gorgeous tractor ruts and, yes, had another go at the wheelbarrows. Then I cropped them all to more or less the right size (tiny) for the brochure and conducted a poll in the pub and the Art Group for the most effective:


Yes – the wheelbarrows won! And meanwhile, that’s a start made on the 2019 Calendar. Where did that year go?

Christmas is coming – again!

November has come and gone – not without artistic activity but it went unrecorded.

I’ve been busy having coasters made, featuring some of my paintings.

creative christmas 2


I’m a bit ambivalent about the point of coasters but having sold all my calendars I was looking for another product for our current event: Creative Christmas at Moorlinch.

Creative Christmas

So here we are, mince pies and wine at the ready, open for business!

Goats of Many Colours

My 2013 Christmas card arrived from the printers a couple of days ago (well, 500 of them). Good service as usual from Think Ink.

I continued my approach of taking animals and birds that you might think are white, putting them in  snowy surroundings and going a bit mad with the colours.

I discovered these Kashmir goats – quite a herd of them – on the hillside of the Great Orme, near Llandudno, in the summer.

Apparently their forbears were a gift from some Indian potentate to Queen Victoria. Crazy horns -some of them cart two pairs around but they look too weird.

You can compare mine with the original. Good old artistic licence again!

Goats of many colours

Goats of many colours

crazy goat

DSCF3764 cropped