Summer came today

…and that was timely because I attended Chandos Society of Artists  En Plein Air day at Steart Marshes,  at the mouth of The tidal River Parrett. This is a vast, atmospheric area where the Hinkley Point pylons have just started their hissing, crackling march across Somerset.



P1030632 Dry mud

No artwork worth displaying yet – just a couple of scribbles  and lots of photos and ideas. Some of the sights are enough to tempt the very deeply hidden abstract artist in me. This is the mud dried out on the edge of the channel.

There are many intriguing patterns here:

P1030635 The Grid

I walked over to the village of Combwich which presented itself almost as a french village in Champagne:

P1030638 Combwich Village

But, to stop me being fanciful, this is what I found – actual Glorious Mud!

P1030653 wet mud

And to complete the range of artistic possibilities, how about a bit of Sci-Fi with this Somerset Dalek?

P1030643 Combwich Dalek.jpg

To be continued….




It’s been a while…

…since I posted and behind my back some changes seem to have occurred to what I see when I look ar this page!

Where’s the dashboard? Where’s the column on the right where you put the tags? Help!

Oh rhubarb, just write something. I’ve been out of most of my loops owing to medical problems of my nearest and dearest: suspended work with The Chandos Society, Moorlinch Art Group…did manage to get a couple od drawings done for the two monthly magazines I contribute too, inspired by the lambs at the bottom of the garden:

Polden Post 2015 04 - Ewe and lamb resized

MOMSS 2015 04 - Triplets

The only other thing I’ve produced is a painting donation for a charity event . This is an auction organised by the bother of a friend of mine, illustrator Keziah Herbert who lives in our village.

John Herbert writes: ‘We are playing a Friendly Cricket Match on the 21st of June 2015 at Clarence Park in St Albans, Hertfordshire, the Phil Milton Memorial Match..

Phil Milton was a founding member of my Cricket Club, Wicket Keeper and eventual Chairman before he retired and went to run the Colts at St Albans Cricket Club. He became their chairman and was credited with saving the club from bankruptcy. Unfortunately Phil passed away in November 2011 of Skin Cancer and although both clubs play a memorial game each year in his name, we decided this year to do something to say thank you to the charity who looked after him, so there will be an auction to raise money after the game..

Details on  ‘

I had to seek assistance on how to fiddle about with players in a match (compostionally speaking) and I was working from a tiny photo but I’m quite pleased with the result which coveys a suitably vague summery scene, I think.

P1010369 cropped

And I hope my ignorance of the finer points of the game are not too obvious!

Saturday sketching

A quick glance reveals NO pictures! That’s because my Saturday Sketching was otherwise known as the seventh Bridgwater Art Challenge. This event is something I organise for  my art group and I’ve posted the info and pictures on  in case anyone wants to see what we get up to!

Branching out

I’ve feverishly been trying to take advantage of the last of the winter trees when it isn’t raining – an infrequent occurence until about three weeks ago. Leaves on a tree turn it into a differenbt object entirely. I know fresh young green leaves are gorgeous but they lack the drama and definition to my mind. And they are so…well, green, and I don’t get on too well with green.

First came the ancient cherry plum tree. Word has it round here that this is a Somerset invention (older even than the floods). Certainly everybody’s garden round here has one of these really early-blossoming beauties. Never mind that the fruit is a bit of a trial to do anything with except eat straight off the tree. (The fox collects the fallen ones.)DSCF4843 Desirable residence cropped and resized


I cal this ‘Desirable residence’ – spot the bird box! – although nobird has moved in yet.

Then a trip to norfolk provided House in the woods, aagin with flowers, this time snowdrops:

DSCF4841 House in the woods 2 cropped and resized

Then I found House in the woods 2, in the lane behind our hill:

DSCF4839 House in the woods 1 cropped and resized


See – loads of lovely branches!

The thing with Winter trees is that you see more through them, especially roofs. So  worked on a ‘Roofscape’ of the village before the leaves crowded in.

DSCF4844 Moorlinch roofscape crop 2 resized

Some left-over cherry plum blossom in that one.

Meanwhile I had been metaphorically branching out into collge with the barn roofs on the farm. It was fun to do, and moderately successful. Spot the crossword!

DSCF4847Barn collage crop 2 resized


Finally for something completely different – we went to a preview of Jackie Curtis’ current exhibition ‘Birds of a feather’ at Bridgwater Arts Centre. A stunning show of lino-cuts, prints, collagraphs and some amazing huge woodcuts. This flock will be winging its way into our home since my husband really fell for it:

Flock copy WAP resized

Jackie is a fellow Chandos Society member so her work appears from time to time on the header of my blog of that name (I would have used the word ‘eponymous’ but it’s a bit scary).

Chelsea Girl – a gorgeous female boxer

I’ve been a bit tied up with several commissions ( which is great, obviously) and quite a lot of work with the Chandos Society of Artists recently, but, as the festive season approaches, I can review the work which, I hope, had found favour with the people that asked me to produce it…

First was the pleasure of producing a portrait of Chelsea, the charming successor to Rocky whom I depicted earlier this year ( see post: thinking outside the box(er)). (Tricky blighters, nesting brackets!) (Nesting Boxers? …Sorry!) So, the other paintings will follow, but this is Chelsea’s spot.

I took lots of photos and did some sketches, but this was Julie’s (Chelsea’s owner) preferred pose:



Then I followed what has proved a useful plan, which is to collect sketches, photos and other ideas together:



and then to do a drawing, full-size, in water-solouble crayons (such as neocolour II).:

chelsea 1 resized


You can deal with any problems of composition at this stage, then trace the main shapes and …finally:

Chelsea 2013 resizedI was encouraged to think it a good likeness when the windpw-cleaner ( who also does Chelsea’s owners’ windows ) said ‘I see you’re doing a picture of Chelsea!’ . I had the painting on an easel inthe conservatory, so he had a good view. He then said ‘I recognise the umbrella stand too.’ But Chelsea’s owners seemed pleased with the likeness of the dog, too, which was a relief!

More on the other commissions later!



Meanwhile…I’ve been a bit distracted by Chandos Society matters. So to see what I’ve been up to, have a look at, my ‘sister’ blog.

I shall shortly be trying to catch up with more exclusively ME as Somerset Arts Week is fast approaching.

I’ve at least got round to sending my Somerset Scenes 2014 Calendar off to the printer.

Here are some of my favorites

Highland Cattle near Westhay

Highland Cattle near Westhay

Shapwick Church in the Snow

Shapwick Church in the Snow

Summer Solstice, Burrow Mump

Summer Solstice, Burrow Mump


A different artistic hat…

It’s a while since I posted on Art by Anne Farmer. One of the reasons is that I have been grappling with another blog – chandossociety – on behalf of another group I belong to (in fact I’m the publicity officer and Vice Chairman ) and this has taken a lot of blood, sweat, tears and keyboard time. Thanks to my trusty advisor Nancy Farmer, it’s gradually taking shape.

I’ve just reported on our 6th Bridgwater Art ChallengeBridgwater Art Challenge 2013 poster

and my own work will be based on sketches made at these locations in the town:DSCF2940 resized

One is the elegant, ancient bridge, rather monochrome and atmospheric. The other is a bustling scene with primary colours. Our pictures, when developed, will form part of an Exhibition at Bridgwater Arts Centre in September

DSCF2947 resized