Christmas is coming – again!

November has come and gone – not without artistic activity but it went unrecorded.

I’ve been busy having coasters made, featuring some of my paintings.

creative christmas 2


I’m a bit ambivalent about the point of coasters but having sold all my calendars I was looking for another product for our current event: Creative Christmas at Moorlinch.

Creative Christmas

So here we are, mince pies and wine at the ready, open for business!


2018 looming – aargh!

Is that the correct spelling? Anyway, when I decided to commit to producing a 2018 calendar in time for Somerset Art Weeks I made the usual mistake of assuming that I would easily find 12 suitable seasonal works among my Oeuvre (spelling doubts again…)

Then I soon realised my calendar was as full of holes as a colander  (spelling doubts now getting boring). So here are some of the new ones:


Meanwhile…I’ve been a bit distracted by Chandos Society matters. So to see what I’ve been up to, have a look at, my ‘sister’ blog.

I shall shortly be trying to catch up with more exclusively ME as Somerset Arts Week is fast approaching.

I’ve at least got round to sending my Somerset Scenes 2014 Calendar off to the printer.

Here are some of my favorites

Highland Cattle near Westhay

Highland Cattle near Westhay

Shapwick Church in the Snow

Shapwick Church in the Snow

Summer Solstice, Burrow Mump

Summer Solstice, Burrow Mump