Flood tourism

OK -guilty (of flood tourism). I’ve just taken a turn a few miles down the A361 to Burrowbridge and I wasn’t the only photographer there! You have to gather your material when and where you find it I suppose. Earlier posts show quite a lot of flooding in my work – you could say it’s part of where I live. My excuse also is that friends form all over (even from New Zealand) ring to ask if we’re all right and ‘What’s it like?’

The Bridge is barely ‘over troubled waters’:


Bridge nearly under troubled water

I’ve never seen a more obvious siteDSCF4534 resized for a protest message!

This is the A361 just the other side of the bridge:


And on the bridge I met Ravi and his colleague from Slough:

DSCF4521 resizedRavi (Ravinder Singh) has come to help out, and has rung mates from Birmingham too. He’s been helping evacuate residents and is the founder and CEO of Halsa Aid, an organisation that seems to have the aim or tackling disasters anywhere. ‘We’re not used to needing it here’, he says ‘But people everywhere need the welcome, and the warmth of someone helping out.’ ¬†Cheerfully he gave me his card with the motto ‘Recognise the whole human race as one’. ¬†( http://www.khalsaAid.org )


Meanwhile…I’ve been a bit distracted by Chandos Society matters. So to see what I’ve been up to, have a look at http://www.chandossociety.wordpress.com, my ‘sister’ blog.

I shall shortly be trying to catch up with more exclusively ME as Somerset Arts Week is fast approaching.

I’ve at least got round to sending my Somerset Scenes 2014 Calendar off to the printer.

Here are some of my favorites

Highland Cattle near Westhay

Highland Cattle near Westhay

Shapwick Church in the Snow

Shapwick Church in the Snow

Summer Solstice, Burrow Mump

Summer Solstice, Burrow Mump