Turkish Delights – Second Monday

One day late, we got to Coldwater bay. The plan had been to walk up to the deserted village on the hill. It was abandoned in  1923 by the Greek population, somewhat encouraged by the Turkish forces, but apparently at lot of it still stands.I have never been there although the Skipper had. But as he was increasingly resembling Long John Silver (minus parrot) hopping about on one leg, it didn’t seem a sensible project.

Wickedly, in the evening, I got a Magnum from the ice-cream boat:

DSCF5058 resized


So this used up part of the drawing hour. Then we were invited to partake of our friend’s devastating pink gins …

In the morning we had to move relatively early to get out of the way of the day boats – so no drawing!

Meanwhile back at the ranch, however, I’m starting to catch up with myself on the painting front, so I’m going to cheat with a fresh-off-the easel picture of a little homestead at the back of 22 Fathom CoveDSCF5209House in the woods at 22 Fathom Cove resisized