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Anne Farmer has been painting  for many years, making a ‘serious’ beginning with Somerset Arts Weeks  in 2004. She exhibited regularly with Spring Farm Arts, a co-operative venture , based in Moorlinch in the picturesque Polden Hills. 

Anne Farmer’s favourite medium is watercolour, using a variety of approaches and techniques available to water-colour painters today: vibrant, contrasting colours and textures which are adapted to a range of subject matter – landscapes both local and more exotic, often with boats and sailing as a subject, and buildings and features of the countryside and farmyard. There are often animals, as observed ‘on the doorstep’ – especially sheep and cattle. The result is a lively, bright collection of work.

‘Boats and barns, sheep and shoes, flowers and feathers…( plus artistry and alliteration, obviously)…you will see I paint what takes my fancy! I love the verve and light of watercolours and I try to show the variety of things you can do with them’.

In more sociable times  I also ran a painting group, Moorlinch Art Group. We met to paint informally together in Moorlinch Church hall on Wednesday mornings during term-time. We hope to have occasional workshops or demonstrations from visiting artists, and we also sometimes paint at other venues. We welcome new members.

I belong to the Chandos Society of Artists, whose activities you can follow on http://www.chandossociety.wordpress.com

6 thoughts on “About

  1. WOW! Thank you Anne for the follow…what an absolute honour for me. Probably a good thing we aren’t next door neighbours…I’d be sitting on your front stoop waiting for that first, no third, cup of coffee and a whole lot of watercolour inspiration. Happy New Year…it is going to be a very good year in so many ways……

  2. Thanks to daughter Nancy (www.nancyfarmer.net) for forwarding this to me. We’re now having a twin track conversation, Raye. Ain’t technology great? Hair? Check. Wrinkle lines? Hmm – I think they may be making a break for it!

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