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Anne Farmer has been painting full-time for ten years, beginning with Somerset Arts Weeks as a ‘toe in the water’ in 2004. She exhibits regularly with Spring Farm Arts.

Anne Farmer’s favourite medium is watercolour, using a variety of approaches and techniques available to water-colour painters today: vibrant, contrasting colours and textures which are adapted to a range of subject matter – landscapes both local and more exotic, often with boats and sailing as a subject, and buildings and features of the countryside and farmyard. There are often animals, as observed ‘on the doorstep’ – especially sheep and cattle. The result is a lively, bright collection of work.

‘Boats and barns, sheep and shoes, flowers and feathers…( plus artistry and alliteration, obviously)…you will see I paint what takes my fancy! I love the verve and light of watercolours and I try to show the variety of things you can do with them’.

As well as being part of the Spring Farm Arts group of artists, centred on Spring Farm in the picturesque village of Moorlinch on the Polden Hills, I also run a painting group, Moorlinch Art Group. We meet to paint informally together (currently about a dozen members) in Moorlinch Church hall on Wednesday mornings during term-time. We have occasional workshops or demonstrations from visiting artists, and we also sometimes paint at other venues. We welcome new members.

And another thing…I’m chairman of the Chandos Society of Artists, whose activities you can follow on http://www.chandossociety.wordpress.com

6 thoughts on “About

  1. WOW! Thank you Anne for the follow…what an absolute honour for me. Probably a good thing we aren’t next door neighbours…I’d be sitting on your front stoop waiting for that first, no third, cup of coffee and a whole lot of watercolour inspiration. Happy New Year…it is going to be a very good year in so many ways……

  2. Thanks to daughter Nancy (www.nancyfarmer.net) for forwarding this to me. We’re now having a twin track conversation, Raye. Ain’t technology great? Hair? Check. Wrinkle lines? Hmm – I think they may be making a break for it!

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