The Last Post…

…I produced was a year-and-a-half ago and in so many ways came from a different world. Personally I’ve been trying to adapt to living alone : my dearest husband died very early in 2020. He was spared the madness and angst of what followed soon afterwards, having had to put up with plenty of less widespread difficulties.

I now have the exhilarating company of Anne’s Best Friend: Petra, now 10 months who, among other blessings, provided me with a subject for my 2020 Christmas card.

card 1 (3)

Petra has been the focus of most of my recent artistic efforts, as I chronicle our challenge on Facebook. She submits Petra’s post  and I practice my ipad drawing skills to illustrate  her adventures! This painting was however done in the old-fashioned way with watercolour on paper.

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