Fun with crayons

I’ve really been enjoying using the neocolor II watersoluble crayons – previously they were part of my ‘touching up’ battery of stuff to deploy at the end of a painting when (OK, it happens) things haven’t gone according to plan.But I have some new work for Somerset ArtWeeks ( an alarmingly short time hence) where I chose them from the beginning for their vibrant, lively look, and they seem to work well with more ‘man-made’ shapes.

The sailing boats were at a local regatta at Durleigh, while the other two were based on architecture at the stunning Wells Cathedral. The large picture I fancifully call ‘Forest of Stone’ because the tall column and slimmer pillars reminded me of a spreading tree.

2 thoughts on “Fun with crayons

  1. Lovely, Anne. The repetition of form in cathedral columns especially nice. Sailing boats….ahhhh…..! Xoxo Raye in Alnwick with friends at the moment. On to Leeds, Morley at end of week. Close! Not close enough for a meet-up!

  2. Can’t believe there are only 4 comments on this. I really like them. Started off liking the sailing boats, then the cathedral….just cant make my mind up. Nice to see you again Anne šŸ€šŸ˜˜

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