Holiday sketching…

…always gives me a problem. I always want to do more than I’ve got the time to do stuff and I’ve always got more stuff than I’ll ever use. So Last month when we were lucky enough to be staying in a Cotswold Cottage with loads of potential drawings on the spot. I tried to develop a simpler and, dare I say it, more disciplined approach.

I was armed only with a tiny paintbox , a mediumish kind of  brush and a pot of water (not a collection of two dozen tubes of paint and a massive palette), a stick of g.raphite and a stick of Derwent graphitone which is water soluble.

Right! I said: 10 minutes’ drawing, ten minutes’ sloshing some washes around, and ten minutes’ stengthening the lines and tones.  Here are some results:P1070682P1070683


And I resisted the temptation to carry on fiddling. My next effort, further afield, didn’t stand up too well to the ‘your time is up’ approach – more ambitious I suppose:P1070685

Anyway, when I got home I went out on the nature reserve (Shapwick Heath) and had another go. I painted the cattle first, as they were on the move, and by the time the half-hour was up, they were nowhere to be seen!


Anyway, an approach worth persisting with, I think. A race against the clock is a great aid to simplification!



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