End of Term

That’s what the last day of Somerset Art Weeks always feels like. We’ve had over 400 visitors on which I’ve deployed my opening gambit ‘Hello, come in, I’m Anne and these are my paintings’  (the latter being marginally more obvious then the former) This is followed by a choice from a short list: 1) Have you come far? 2) Are you doing the rounds? and 3) Do you paint ? I’m probably not alone in preferring the answer to question 3) to be in the negative!

And I’ve sold paintings, calendars (only 2 left) and cards. Here are some of pictures that are leaving home:

p1030443-croppedNovember - 'At the going down of the sun...'P1060782 croppedP1010929 Buried Treasure

The fox as discussed in my previous blog is also going too.

My new venture into etchings has been quite successful too – excellent teaching by Jenny Graham to thank for that.

People often ask if I mind parting with my paintings. Er..No! Onwards…

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