Christmas at Moorlinch

This was the name we Moorlinch Artists gave to a Christmas Art offering at the beginning of December. We were: Jenny Graham in her studio across the courtyard, Pam Martin of Somerset Stitch who has recently replaced Clio Graham, the Potter (and no relation to Jenny) who left us in the summer after 19 years to go North.

I was in my gallery next door to Pam, and Janey Ponting and Paul Lardner were giving glass-blowing experiences in the Glass workshop just up the yard, where you could produce one of these festive baubles.:20161107_105255_resized Viv's bauble picture 2.jpg

Finally Nancy Farmer (who is a relation) was at home just down the road. More adventurous than us, she had actually produced wrapping paper for sale. Followers of  her website  will know that her passion for open water swimmimg is a big influence on her output:2016-11-07 09 23 31_etsy cropped.jpg

My own unusual attraction was to offer tastings of the 18-year old Brandy we’ve just had delivered, made from grapes harvested in 1998 when we were Moorlynch Vineyard – vine art rather than fine art, but it went down very well:

IMG_0578Christmas brandy.JPG

I didn’t really have much new work, but consolidated some earlier stuff in the form of calendars and Christmas cards  as shown at the top of this post. And a wonderful woman came in and bought four of the SAW works, all at once. A good couple of days!


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