The home straight

Well -that’s what it feel like, opening up the gallery for the Wednesday to Sunday finish to Somerset Arts Weeks 2015. Got a bit og a sense of deja vu, or rather deja ecrit as I’ve written this post once then lost it. I was trying to be clever, boasting that one of the things I’d occupied myself with in quiet times, and stuck with a laptop for company, was to open an Etsy shop. Then I tried to put in a link, thus: Well, maybe that’s worked but I’m not risking it yet!

Other things I’ve done include updating my exhibition email list – tedious, there must be an easier way to do that – and buy shoes: that went well!

So back to SAW 2015: card sales have gone well. This is the 2015 Christmas card:Christmas 2015 version 2 cropped

This is a herdwick sheep, native of the Lake District. I love their teddy-bear faces, as if they’ve been embroidered!

I also busied myself with producing a drawing for the November issue of the Parish Magazine, mindful of the upcoming interest in the Staring activitis in these parts:

Room at the top: starlings on a pylon at Othery

Room at the top: starlings on a pylon at Othery

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