Moor and field

Whether this ends up in the right place remains to be seen – I accidentally published these pictures twice already, getting the parentage of my pages in a right old muddle.

This is a view I spotted walking in the local lanes, so I tried to treat it in a similar way to the ‘field squares’ I did last year for SAW 2014 . The smaller pictures are details of the larger one and i painted them on gesso and used some texture medium too, to intensify the colours.

Field colours 1

Field colours 1

This is the basic ‘stripes’ view: ploughed earth, then pasture, then oilseed rape; then hill,  wood and sky

Field colours 2

Field colours 2

Moving across the view, there’s an intriguing little corner to disrupt the stripes, but the skyline is more static.

Finally, the ‘big picture’ places the details in context, and adds amore sky and the hedge at the bottom:

Field colours 3 resized


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