Can it really be that time of year again?

As in, Somerset Art Weeks 2015, with less than a week to go! Emerging from Estivation – that means I’ve spent most of the summer slumbering, from an artistic perspective anyway – I survey the work I’ve managed to achieve. I discover that I seem to have started the year reasonably productively, with paintings of subjects observed ‘on the doorstep’ or ‘just around the corner’, several completed ‘en plein air’ in fact.

Later, following weeks where mainly I visited hospitals, we managed a couple of weeks in gorgeous Troutbeck, in the Lake district, and I got a fair bit of drawing done. There is a convenient seat just outside the cottage where we stay, and I accidentally produced a panorama – or even Triptych! – without setting out to. I just sort of looked in different directions and drew.

Whether or not I can get them in the correct sequence here remains to be seen:

By the post-box, Troutbeck 1 resized By the post-box Troutbeck 2 resized By the post-box Troutbeck 3 resized

Hmm….In the right order, but vertical rather than horizontal!

They’re being framed along with some others. And if no-one from Somerset wants to acquire them, they will grace the wall of our daughter’s holiday cottage in Troutbeck, where they will at least have the advantage of representing extremely local scenes!