30 minutes to closing time…

We’ve had quite a good three days and it’s been a ¬†very pleasant experience, sharing with Sheila Jones and enjoying the company and something different to look at apart from my own work!

My mini pictures sold quite well, and i’m sure he remainder will find their way into various relatives’ Christmas stockings!

I’ve also been working on quite a large commission which has to remain under wraps until after delivery…I’ll just say it involved some very unfavourite subjects: motorbikes, cars…


This is the gallery – just a little bit of Christmas sparkle! And here is Sheila, who was the other side of the camera in the previousphoto:


Christmas is coming… or The Small Picture

I read this week that somebody won a statistics prize for analysing mentions of the festive season and discovered: yes, Christmas is starting earlier each year!

We Moorlinch artists (plus our new colleague Sheila Jones from nearby Stawell) have not been able to resist the lure of the lights and glitter and so we’re busy prepating for a Christmas Art and Craft event the weekend after this coming one.

Two venues this time: Spring Farm and Nancy Farmer’s Studio just down the road (next to the Ring O’ Bells) at The Old Farmhouse.

I was at a loss to know what special new thing to do. People were talking ¬†‘small pictures’ as being more saleable. Hmm…how about really tiny pictures then? So some weeny easels, some canvas boards three and a half inches by two and a half, and quite a lot of time later, I have some ‘stocking filler original art’!

P1000473_2 cropped

They have proved difficult to photograph in artificial light, however.

Still here are some, completed:

P1000472 cropped

And here’s a ‘serving suggestion’!

P1000466 cropped

It’s been interesting using watercolours straight from the tube or with Aquapasto thickening medium – which because it has a lot of gum arabic means the paint can be lifted more easily – and some white acrylic. Choice of subject was challenging too: bright coloured scenes, simple shapes worked best.

Our Christmas Fair id from Friday 21st Novenmer to Sunday 23rd November, 11am to 5pm.

xmas invitation 2014