Val – my new Anchorwoman

The most exciting thing that’s happened on the Artistic front since I counted the SAW 2014 takings on Sunday and discovered I did quite a lot better than last year (phew, time for a main verb) was a ring on the door a couple of days ago. There stood Val, a SAW visitor from Bridgwater, who had noticedlast week that I had a beach instead of a front garden.

She threw open her car boot to reveal a treasury of marine bits and pieces: first and foremost this beautiful little anchor:



She had had the same idea as me many years ago but is now moving from a house to a flat. Would I give these a good home?



Well of course I would – and these:

P1000047 cropped


Lucky me! And Val has promised to drop off some bits of fishing net soo, Too.

On a side issue – I’m experimenting with a new camera which is very clever. More than a match for me…


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