SAW 2014 Halfway House

So here we are, halfway through the Art Weeks. I remember someone a few years ago saying that when they went round the open studios, all the artists were at their computers, as I am now.

Actually I’m sure that’s a bit old hat, now, what with smartphones ( which I don’t use) and tablets ( which I do use). In fact I have done a bit of ‘proper’ art work, preparing a couple of collages for a local exhibition. Foolishly I forgot to photograph them and now they’ve gone. It isn’t that easy to throw yourself into a major project when you might have to stop at any minute, but you can use scissors and glue on a stop-start basis.

I’m also starting on a drawing on the theme of Poppies which I’ll try to record. The Poppy exhibition will be at Bridgwater Arts Centre as part of a First World War commemoration.

So – over the past eight days I’m very pleased to have sold eight paintings,some of them even to people I didn’t know!

Paintings I’m saying goodbye to:

My preview was well attended by my faithful friends (who are also often my customers) and I thank them very much.

Word on the street is that numbers are down this year, somewhat inexplicably, and I agree with that.  Certainly the marketing doesn’t seem to be reaching the parts of the visiting public it once did. A bit disappointing, considering we’ve heard it  from our leaders that business is booming again.

It’s a good opportunity to catch up on a few jobs too – I had a Kangeroo in my in-tray awaiting repair. All stitched up now, she (and her baby in the pouch) will be reunited with owner Max when we meet for a walking holiday soon. Max, at six,

Hop it! Kageroos with sticks

Hop it! Kageroos with sticks

thinks no walk is any fun without the acquisition of a stout stck. So I’ve provided the kangeroo and her Joey with their own sticks:




That’s what I feel I’m doing at the moment. Not literally in fact, but metaphorically  paints, brushes, palette, water pots are whizzing round my head. Yesterday was time to meet up again with Moorlinch Art Group, a delightful collection of women artists of a certain age. Not that we practise any age or gender discrimination, it just happens to look that way at the moment. We meet once a week in Moorlinch Church Hall. The surroundings are truly inspiring : ancient church, apple orchard with fully laden trees and sheep jostling over the windfalls, views way out over the Somerset Levels and a clear blue sky.Took the photo because it wouldn’t hurt to encourage a few more member, so I’ll put a little piece in a couple of local magazines.

Some members of Moorlinch Art Group

Some members of Moorlinch Art Group

Last week it was all Chandos Society stuff – another group which has me as Chairman, but never mind. OUr exploits are recorded on .We’ve recently opened one of our two exhibitions this year at Bridgwater Arts Centre.

Finally of course, there is Somerset Art Weeks with just over a week to go to my preview on 19 September. I’ve been spending time with my pictures, juggling them from wall to wall too.I’ve delivered all Nancy Farmer’s work and bits and pieces so now it’s just me and my work – scary!

Somerset Art Weeks 2014 – some pictures on the blog!

I’ve been creating a new page which I’ve called ‘Somerset Art Weeks 2014 collection’ as distinct from the Gallery page of previous paintings and drawings.

So far I’ve identified four themes I say ‘indentfied’ as if I’m making this fascinating study of someone else’s work, but the thing is, I get inspired by a subject, which usually leads me on to another one (often before I’ve got very far with the original one). Then, bingo, you look over the assembled stuff and you see how they group themselves together.

So far I have: field and meadow; house in the woods, animals and buildings. The titles are getting less poetic! Anyway they are to be found listed under the words Somerset Art Weeks 2014 collection on the black header bar.

Somerset Art Weeks 2014 – some pictures on the wall!

Not only do I have to decide how to display my new paintings for Somerset Art Weeks 2014 – I actually have to come to terms with a new gallery. Nancy Farmer (we’re related) has left me the Cider Barn Gallery at Spring Farm and gone home to The Old Farmhouse where she will be displaying her Somerset Art Weeks exhibition in her studio there – don’t think she’s given it a name.

In fact, though she may have left there are quite a few Nancy Farmer artefacts lurking. So for the moment I’ve pushed most of the stuff into the middle and made a start at hanging work on the wall.

I started with my Meadow and Fields pictures: scenes of field patterns seen from the hill above Moorlinch at harvest time, looking out over the Somerset Levels. You’d never guess this was a vast lake at the beginning of the year.

Meadows and fields was also the first theme I illustrated in my Gallery page, sharing the title of ‘ Somerset Art Weeks 2014 collection’. I’ve gone on to do a page called ‘House in the woods’, another of my 2014 themes.

The picture so far:

DSCF6182 resized


And on the other wall:

DSCF6181 resized


It’s a start!