Somerset Art Weeks 2014 – don’t panic!

Yes, it’s that headless chicken stage when you wonder what on earth you’ve been doing (or not doing) all year to have produced too little, too late – and is what you have done really worth hanging anyway?

Somerset Art Weeks start in under a month!!

I get my paintings out, chuck out the terrible ones, admire the best ones, then start looking at the big middling group. Then I find sketches I meant to work on, ideas I meant to develop, think of several new possibilities everyday. And all the while the long-suffering framer wants to know when Im going to STOP!

A walk on the Quantocks a few weeks ago generated a couple of pictures that were nowhere on my list of projects: we came across a group of Exmoor ponies when I actually had sketchbook and camera. ‘Summer ponies’ was the result:DSCF6089 cropped and resized


And then I used a different range of colours to produce ‘Winter ponies’ in a swiftly done picture which sort of painted itself:

DSCF6033 cropped and resized


It’s great when that happens – and it’s also given me this year’s Christmas card.

Exmoor ponies are famous for their ‘mealy muzzle’, a paler area, and the same around the eyes.

More later on my SAW collection…





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