Fethiye again

This time we didn’t have the luxurious Classic Yacht Marina, but had to drop our anchor. It took us several attempts to be sure we’d got it right, since there were a lot of boats out there. The hideous one like an upside-down coal skuttle was still moored, too.

The forest of white masts stood out against the hills. and there was a beautiful Dark Blue two–masted yawl (maybe) at anchor near us.

:Turkey 2014 16 Fethiye resized


We had a fascinating and entertaining evening meal. Our friends to us to the fishmarket, where you buy wahtever fish takes your fancy. Your choice is then taken to one of many restaurants around the covered market to be cooked for you. Delicious and colouful. We’d already run the gamut of the spice and Turkich delight stalls on the way there I’m sure there’s a painting or several in here:

DSCF5148 resized

In the morning, whcich dawned breathtakingly beautiful, the forest of masts was dark against the misty mountains. I did a quick drawing of Samira, the gorgeous boat, before they set sail:

Turkey 2014 17

I took rather a good photo, too, which I’ve used along with the sketch, to work on a painting. Not satisfied (what’s new?) but here goes:.

DSCF5208 trimmed and resized

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