Heads we lost – Back to Boyuz Buku

The thing everyone dreads on a boat is when Things Go Wrong with the Heads (loos, WC, sanitation facilities). We had suspected that there was a problem with the system and observations in the morning at 22 fathom Cove confirmed this. So a phone call to the Gocek base saw us make a secong assignation in Boyuz Buku, as being a calm, quiet cove, with two Turkish Drain Operatives who came out by motoring a sailing boat. After much slpashing, spluttering, ducking and diving and using the rubber dinghy pump in various boat orifices, they solved our problem. Too late now to proceed with our plan to go to Coldwater Bay, so we settled for sailing about a bit, then returning to Boyuz Buku to enjoy a glorious Roast Dinner on board our friends’ boat.

I did a quick sketch before dinner, although as always when you’re at anchor, it’s a case of waiting for the view to come back round again as the boat turns with the breeze:

Turkey 2014 14 resized.

Unfortunately our return to our own boat was punctuated by the Skipper falling off the dinghy. (there may have been half a glass of wine involved) Worse things happen at sea – except what we didn’t realise until after our return to England was that the painful leg that hampered Skip’s progress for the rest of the week was becaue he had, in fact, broken it.

However the next morning gave us a breathtaking vista of range upon range of mountains reflected in a millpond sea – fantastic, but not an easy scene to render in pen: so I added a bit of our boat with washing drying (see mishap, above) which brings a more domestic touch to the scene:

Turkey 2014 15resized


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