Saturday sketching

A quick glance reveals NO pictures! That’s because my Saturday Sketching was otherwise known as the seventh Bridgwater Art Challenge. This event is something I organise for  my art group and I’ve posted the info and pictures on  in case anyone wants to see what we get up to!

Return to Kapi Creek and Turkish Delights come to an end

Early on the Thursday morning we said goodbye to our friends for the penultimate time, as they left at 8am for D Marin in Gocek to join the EMYR (Eastern Mediterranean Yacht Rally). The wind has been (metaphorically) been taken out of everyone’s sails by the news of the Mining Disaster, so their celebrations for the next night were cancelled.

We nipped round the corner, in quite high winds, to Toomb Bay where after a somewhat scary mooring we had a fabulous lunch. How can some one make such a neat job of filleting a sea bream with a spoon and fork in one hand? (The waiter, not us As with all the cooks and waiters in this area, he had to double up as harbourmaster and pilot too!)

In the afternoon afer a gusty sail we moored in Kapi Creeek to meet up with the Flotilla, and spent a very jolly evening catching up with the lead crew and getting to know some of the new people.

We had a wonderful breakfast while I tried to draw a boat which kept being moved from one mooring to another:Turkey 2014 20


And in my archives, I happen to have, again, one I did a few years earlier, looking back the other way:

2011 Kapi Creek


Then it was back to Gocek for the last evening, and a brief visitand final farewell  from our EMYR-bound friends.  And after that a very long day, the Saturday, spent waiting to catch an evening plane. There’s a lot more oen could say about Gatwick Airport and baggage handlers on strike, but none of it is artistic!


So my last drawing is ffrom the Sunsail bar, spinning out the time, finshing my diary, and generally signing off:

Turkey 2014 22

Round Bay

The discontinuity in this account has been the result of a couple of days with a very good friend in the New Forest wher although many good things – food, drink, laughing and talking – were abundant, electronic facilities were not among them. Come to think of it, the rest are far more important any day!

So we weft Fethiye on a beautiful morning, again going our separate ways after a lunch stop.

Turkey 2014 18 resized Our friends were about to embark on the Eastern Mediterranean Yacht Rally (EMYR) and needed fuel and water in Gocek, so we had a really satisfying sail – all one tack- the several miles to Round Bay where we met up again at the end of the afternoon.

Turkey 2014 19 resized


Fethiye again

This time we didn’t have the luxurious Classic Yacht Marina, but had to drop our anchor. It took us several attempts to be sure we’d got it right, since there were a lot of boats out there. The hideous one like an upside-down coal skuttle was still moored, too.

The forest of white masts stood out against the hills. and there was a beautiful Dark Blue two–masted yawl (maybe) at anchor near us.

:Turkey 2014 16 Fethiye resized


We had a fascinating and entertaining evening meal. Our friends to us to the fishmarket, where you buy wahtever fish takes your fancy. Your choice is then taken to one of many restaurants around the covered market to be cooked for you. Delicious and colouful. We’d already run the gamut of the spice and Turkich delight stalls on the way there I’m sure there’s a painting or several in here:

DSCF5148 resized

In the morning, whcich dawned breathtakingly beautiful, the forest of masts was dark against the misty mountains. I did a quick drawing of Samira, the gorgeous boat, before they set sail:

Turkey 2014 17

I took rather a good photo, too, which I’ve used along with the sketch, to work on a painting. Not satisfied (what’s new?) but here goes:.

DSCF5208 trimmed and resized

Karacoeren – just passing by

We were bound for Fethiye again for Tuesday night. Our friends wanted to go to the market there. We decided to take it gently, and take another trip to Karacoeren on the way, as being one of our favourite places. Only just got into the bay to drop our hook when we were spotted by the Lead Crew (Monday night is Karacoeren for the Flotilla). We greeted each other like long lost friends, I made coffee, and we talked about Old Times (as in, last week).

No new drawing time, but a great opportunity for another bit of picture recycling. Here’s one I did three years earlier:

2011 Karacaoren resized

Turkish Delights – Second Monday

One day late, we got to Coldwater bay. The plan had been to walk up to the deserted village on the hill. It was abandoned in  1923 by the Greek population, somewhat encouraged by the Turkish forces, but apparently at lot of it still stands.I have never been there although the Skipper had. But as he was increasingly resembling Long John Silver (minus parrot) hopping about on one leg, it didn’t seem a sensible project.

Wickedly, in the evening, I got a Magnum from the ice-cream boat:

DSCF5058 resized


So this used up part of the drawing hour. Then we were invited to partake of our friend’s devastating pink gins …

In the morning we had to move relatively early to get out of the way of the day boats – so no drawing!

Meanwhile back at the ranch, however, I’m starting to catch up with myself on the painting front, so I’m going to cheat with a fresh-off-the easel picture of a little homestead at the back of 22 Fathom CoveDSCF5209House in the woods at 22 Fathom Cove resisized


Heads we lost – Back to Boyuz Buku

The thing everyone dreads on a boat is when Things Go Wrong with the Heads (loos, WC, sanitation facilities). We had suspected that there was a problem with the system and observations in the morning at 22 fathom Cove confirmed this. So a phone call to the Gocek base saw us make a secong assignation in Boyuz Buku, as being a calm, quiet cove, with two Turkish Drain Operatives who came out by motoring a sailing boat. After much slpashing, spluttering, ducking and diving and using the rubber dinghy pump in various boat orifices, they solved our problem. Too late now to proceed with our plan to go to Coldwater Bay, so we settled for sailing about a bit, then returning to Boyuz Buku to enjoy a glorious Roast Dinner on board our friends’ boat.

I did a quick sketch before dinner, although as always when you’re at anchor, it’s a case of waiting for the view to come back round again as the boat turns with the breeze:

Turkey 2014 14 resized.

Unfortunately our return to our own boat was punctuated by the Skipper falling off the dinghy. (there may have been half a glass of wine involved) Worse things happen at sea – except what we didn’t realise until after our return to England was that the painful leg that hampered Skip’s progress for the rest of the week was becaue he had, in fact, broken it.

However the next morning gave us a breathtaking vista of range upon range of mountains reflected in a millpond sea – fantastic, but not an easy scene to render in pen: so I added a bit of our boat with washing drying (see mishap, above) which brings a more domestic touch to the scene:

Turkey 2014 15resized