Turkish delights – Wall Bay, Wednesday

Free sailing day always prompts a great deal of chart searching and head scratching as you plan your very own voyage.

We decided to revisit Wall Bay which was one of the first places we went to on our first trip to Turkey. On that occasion the flottilla engineer put his leg through the jetty. It seemed a bit more robust this time, especially by Turkish standards.

I remembered the little walled terraces which as usual someone had painted white years ago, punctuating the olive trees, and roamed over by goats with bells round their necks.This was one of those times that I really didn’t get much done. I also tried, unsuccessfully, to create a mid-tone shadow by rubbing a wet finger over the ink, hence the smudges.

What attracted me was the way some tree trunks were black against the light vegetation, and others were white against dark:

Turkey 2014 26 Wall Bay stitch resizedThis is the photo I took to aid the memory and fill in the bits I didn’t have time for:DSCF5018 cropped and resizedAnd I can’t resist this little chap giving a masterclass in camouflage:

DSCF5040 cropped and resized

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