Fethiye – Tuesday port

The Classic Yacht Marina in Fethiye is really smart, much changed from the last time I was here, although there are still the little tiled Chinese-looking buildings behind the pink Oleanders on the far right of the harbour. There are forests of masts and some extraordinary (and ugly) motor yachts. I didn’t get round to draing untils the following morning, after partaking of a magnificent breakfast buffet!

This drawing, like the others is a stich of two pages of drawing book, with no time to finish the left-hand page. I don’t think it’s right to ‘improve’ on the originals once one has left the scene. As my much more accomplished painting friend Jenny Graham told us in one of her classes:’you might make a different picture, but you won’t make a better one’. So at some point I’ll be taking these darawings, along with photographs taken at the time, and making ‘different’ pictures.

Turkey 2014 25 Fethiye stitch resized


As I said, the surroundings were very stylish – I specially liked the hanging of gorgeous old doors on the curved covered walkway outside the ladies’ loos:

DSCF5015 resized

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