Karacaoren – 360 degree stunning

I shall try to relive the flotilla week, so Mondays on the Sunsail Gocek Flotilla are spent at Karacaoren, a stunning spot with views of a mountain with, at sunset, the heights wreathed in pink clouds, and a fantastic restaurant that looks out over the bay, and is an attraction all its its on, with fishing net drapery, a fruit stall inside, handsome Jan who helps you with your boat, and of course the usual crystal turquoise waters. The two drawings more or less join up, just a receding cape to the right of the restaurant. Then the mountains give way on the right to nearer craggy rocks. There’s about a 30 degree bit missing to complete the circle, and I’ve got a drawing of that from 3 years ago, but it’s on a differenr scale, with a different pen.


Turkey 2014 23 Karacoren stitch 2 resized


Turkey 2014 24 Karacoren stitch 1 resized

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