Encounter in Boyuz Buku

So we left Gocek again and went on round the corner to the safe, green waters of Boyuz Buku. Our friends’ boat was obvious…and they joined us within a few minutes, in their dinghy. Spontaneous and warm reunion on hold while we fiddled about with the anchor – parking the boat safely always has to come first!

This was a brief encounter before continuing south to the piratically-named 22 Fathom Cove, And there we met Regip and his extraorinarily (whoops, over-use of adverbs alert!) colourful homestead. Or rather boatstead, since his Amigos restaurant has a boat as its hub, with various sorts of satelite installations on shore (as in, ovens, fireplaces, table and chairs. No Sky here!).

We ate wild boar, the hunting of which, although explained in Turkish, did contain the un mistakable ‘Blam, blam, blam!’ by way of explanation.

The ‘soundscape’ in the morning was incredible: a gobbling turkey competing with a cockerel; wild birds and clucking hens, goats bleating and their bells tinkling; a cow mooing and fish jumping..I’m afraid my modest sketch is a bit tame:

Turkey 2014 13 resized

Turkish delights – back to Gocek

Friday night on Flotilla is when you get back to base, have a celebration meal with your newfound and about-to-lose sailing buddies, and receive comedy awards from the Lead Crew. Not so daft this time – I was dubbed ‘most creative’ and Peter best at stern driving (ie going backwards).  I’m afraid no drawings were done – the usual forest of masts wasn’t that inviting. So having mentioned the Skipper I’m going to cheat and put in a picture from a previous voyage. I think he’s reading his Kindle. He’s certainly not at the helm:

Drawing 11 Peter resized


However, lucky us, we were about to embark on a week of bareboating as in, you go where you want. We were going to join up with two friends  who have their own beautiful boat. And I wasn’t about to stop drawing!

Kapi Creek

The instructions were simple.’It’s the last one on the right. If you get to the open sea, you’ve gone too far!’

This was the scene of our cocktail making party, and though we’ve won in the past, we only came second, pipped by the Dutch family whose concoction looked and tasted like something from the bottom of a pond (in my view – only sour grapes. Ha! Joke!).

The competition was forced inside by rain, as you can see from the drawing I started before it did:

Turkey 2014 12 resized

Turkish delights – Wall Bay, Wednesday

Free sailing day always prompts a great deal of chart searching and head scratching as you plan your very own voyage.

We decided to revisit Wall Bay which was one of the first places we went to on our first trip to Turkey. On that occasion the flottilla engineer put his leg through the jetty. It seemed a bit more robust this time, especially by Turkish standards.

I remembered the little walled terraces which as usual someone had painted white years ago, punctuating the olive trees, and roamed over by goats with bells round their necks.This was one of those times that I really didn’t get much done. I also tried, unsuccessfully, to create a mid-tone shadow by rubbing a wet finger over the ink, hence the smudges.

What attracted me was the way some tree trunks were black against the light vegetation, and others were white against dark:

Turkey 2014 26 Wall Bay stitch resizedThis is the photo I took to aid the memory and fill in the bits I didn’t have time for:DSCF5018 cropped and resizedAnd I can’t resist this little chap giving a masterclass in camouflage:

DSCF5040 cropped and resized

Fethiye – Tuesday port

The Classic Yacht Marina in Fethiye is really smart, much changed from the last time I was here, although there are still the little tiled Chinese-looking buildings behind the pink Oleanders on the far right of the harbour. There are forests of masts and some extraordinary (and ugly) motor yachts. I didn’t get round to draing untils the following morning, after partaking of a magnificent breakfast buffet!

This drawing, like the others is a stich of two pages of drawing book, with no time to finish the left-hand page. I don’t think it’s right to ‘improve’ on the originals once one has left the scene. As my much more accomplished painting friend Jenny Graham told us in one of her classes:’you might make a different picture, but you won’t make a better one’. So at some point I’ll be taking these darawings, along with photographs taken at the time, and making ‘different’ pictures.

Turkey 2014 25 Fethiye stitch resized


As I said, the surroundings were very stylish – I specially liked the hanging of gorgeous old doors on the curved covered walkway outside the ladies’ loos:

DSCF5015 resized

Karacaoren – 360 degree stunning

I shall try to relive the flotilla week, so Mondays on the Sunsail Gocek Flotilla are spent at Karacaoren, a stunning spot with views of a mountain with, at sunset, the heights wreathed in pink clouds, and a fantastic restaurant that looks out over the bay, and is an attraction all its its on, with fishing net drapery, a fruit stall inside, handsome Jan who helps you with your boat, and of course the usual crystal turquoise waters. The two drawings more or less join up, just a receding cape to the right of the restaurant. Then the mountains give way on the right to nearer craggy rocks. There’s about a 30 degree bit missing to complete the circle, and I’ve got a drawing of that from 3 years ago, but it’s on a differenr scale, with a different pen.


Turkey 2014 23 Karacoren stitch 2 resized


Turkey 2014 24 Karacoren stitch 1 resized

Turkish delights – onboard drawings

It’s been a week since we got back from our flotilla sailing holiday in Turkey and the tan has turned to rust this weekend!

This is the third time over the years that we’ve visited the delightful coves of Skopea Limani, starting our from Gocek this tima. Very relaxing and plenty of time for drawing – no shortage of subjects, of course, in this beautiful part of the mediterranean,

I took a range of art materials, including paints, paper, pencils and about a dozen different types of pen. But in the end I used a normal Uniball,tech-type pen you can get anywhere almost exclusively, because it’s so versatile andyou can write and draw without wasting a second ferreting about for other stuff,

Over the years I’ve found the trick is to start with something interesting in the middle of the page and carry on working outwards until you have to stop and perform some nautical task such as splicing the mainbrace or drinking wine.

Too busy to draw at our departure point in Gocek, but our first stop on the Sunday night was the gorgeous green fringed cove at Sarsala, where the cooking is done on a huge woodfire set in the pine trees:Turkey 2014 01 resized


This was done from our boat Calypso, firmly moored and in sheltered waters so it was a good stable platform – not always the case on a boat. I put some pencil ahading in the background which didn’t really work, but that’s less obvious when scanned.

The next morning I spotted an impressive cactus which distracted me from the morning briefing:

Turkey 2014 02 Sarsala 2And then it came on to rain. This strange framing is at the top of the steps (I should say ‘Companionway’ ) that lead out into the  cockpit, so you see bits of boat and the view behind.

Turkey 2014 03 Sarsala 3We waited till it eased and then moved on to our next destination…