Branching out

I’ve feverishly been trying to take advantage of the last of the winter trees when it isn’t raining – an infrequent occurence until about three weeks ago. Leaves on a tree turn it into a differenbt object entirely. I know fresh young green leaves are gorgeous but they lack the drama and definition to my mind. And they are so…well, green, and I don’t get on too well with green.

First came the ancient cherry plum tree. Word has it round here that this is a Somerset invention (older even than the floods). Certainly everybody’s garden round here has one of these really early-blossoming beauties. Never mind that the fruit is a bit of a trial to do anything with except eat straight off the tree. (The fox collects the fallen ones.)DSCF4843 Desirable residence cropped and resized


I cal this ‘Desirable residence’ – spot the bird box! – although nobird has moved in yet.

Then a trip to norfolk provided House in the woods, aagin with flowers, this time snowdrops:

DSCF4841 House in the woods 2 cropped and resized

Then I found House in the woods 2, in the lane behind our hill:

DSCF4839 House in the woods 1 cropped and resized


See – loads of lovely branches!

The thing with Winter trees is that you see more through them, especially roofs. So  worked on a ‘Roofscape’ of the village before the leaves crowded in.

DSCF4844 Moorlinch roofscape crop 2 resized

Some left-over cherry plum blossom in that one.

Meanwhile I had been metaphorically branching out into collge with the barn roofs on the farm. It was fun to do, and moderately successful. Spot the crossword!

DSCF4847Barn collage crop 2 resized


Finally for something completely different – we went to a preview of Jackie Curtis’ current exhibition ‘Birds of a feather’ at Bridgwater Arts Centre. A stunning show of lino-cuts, prints, collagraphs and some amazing huge woodcuts. This flock will be winging its way into our home since my husband really fell for it:

Flock copy WAP resized

Jackie is a fellow Chandos Society member so her work appears from time to time on the header of my blog of that name (I would have used the word ‘eponymous’ but it’s a bit scary).

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