Back to the drawing board

Last night I was thinking about my forthcoming illustration for the front of the Parish Magazine – covering Moorlinch, Othery, Middlezoy, Sutton Mallet, Stawell and Greinton. I try to make the drawings seasonal and local. We’d had a fair bit of rain over the weekend so I found a 2012 photo wich would bring back memories for all those edge of the Somerset Levels villages. This’ll make a good basis for my drawing, I thought:


DSCF9551 resized


I planned out the drawing . However this morning I took a fresh look at the scene after another damp night and this is what I saw:


DSCF4376 resized


Less dramatic lighting but a lot more water! As I say – back to the drawing board…OUR floods are set to rival those at Burrowbridge:


2011-01-06 February flood_web



This was 2006. Or this, in 2010…February


Now I look back, floods seem to feature quite a bit in my work. I did this last year when they reached biblical proportions – for a different magazine. Maybe I can recycle it…

Polden Post 2013 01 - From Noah with sympathy... resized

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