Going to a drier part of the country: the Lake District

Or…Troutbeck again!

The Lake District is, truth to tell, probably wetter even than Somerset at this moment, but generally the water is where you expect it to be. My previous post gave some idea of the (apparently) 25 square miles of temporary lake around these parts.DSCF4392

There have also been complaints that these gates are padlocked when they shouldn’t be, thus making it difficult to walk through……??? Duh!  It’s good to complain!

Anyway, in anticipation of heading North, I’ve been drawing and painting from sketches and photos so that I can replace – and hopefully add to – the drawings that Gareth and Carly sold at Christmas from their new tearoom at the TroutbeckPost Office. Yes – both pictures sold! I was so pleased. So here are some of the fruits of my labour:

DSCF4402 resizedThis post seems to feature gates quite strongly. Ah -it’s a Gate Post, ha-ha!

DSCF4404 resized And I’ve also ventured into colour:

DSCF4412 cropped and resized

And finally headed for the hills:

From Troutbeck to Wansfell Pike

From Troutbeck to Wansfell Pike

I know I’ve done it before, but I just love this path.

We’ll be staying  not quite  as close to the Mortal Man, but nearer to the Queen’s Head! Cheers!

Back to the drawing board

Last night I was thinking about my forthcoming illustration for the front of the Parish Magazine – covering Moorlinch, Othery, Middlezoy, Sutton Mallet, Stawell and Greinton. I try to make the drawings seasonal and local. We’d had a fair bit of rain over the weekend so I found a 2012 photo wich would bring back memories for all those edge of the Somerset Levels villages. This’ll make a good basis for my drawing, I thought:


DSCF9551 resized


I planned out the drawing . However this morning I took a fresh look at the scene after another damp night and this is what I saw:


DSCF4376 resized


Less dramatic lighting but a lot more water! As I say – back to the drawing board…OUR floods are set to rival those at Burrowbridge:


2011-01-06 February flood_web



This was 2006. Or this, in 2010…February


Now I look back, floods seem to feature quite a bit in my work. I did this last year when they reached biblical proportions – for a different magazine. Maybe I can recycle it…

Polden Post 2013 01 - From Noah with sympathy... resized