Troutbeck connections

When I went back to Troutbeck two or three weeks ago, I packed up the two drawings (see the post Return to Troutbeck) I’d done a couple of years ago. There was a confusing conversation with my husband because I packed them in a box that  previously contained a new loo seat (yeah, we never throw anything away…).’Why are we taking a loo seat…? ‘We’re not, it’s two drawings of Troutbeck I did a while ago’. He didn’t think that answer made any more sense than the first one.

These two drawings had hung about on my exhibition wall ever since and I kind of thought they should come with me – you never know…

Anyway what do I discover, but that the funny little shop is under new management. They  have lots of lovely local things that you are allowed to buy – whereas previously most of the produce was already spoken for. And they are opening a cafe shortly. So – yes, my two drawings will be on the wall. If they get sold, I’ll send them replacements.

I think it will be called the Rattlegill Cafe, (I love that name) judging by the email address they – Gareth and Carly – have just set up.

There’s more – our daughter and her husband are well on with negotiations to buy a holiday home just up the road from Stamp Howe, were we stayed again. More walls to put local scenes on!  The cottage is a little further from the Mortal Man, but nearer the Queen’s Head.

So here’s a painting of the walk between Troutbeck and Ambleside, over Wansfell:


the-track-from-wansfell-near-troutbeck resized



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