Pictures in the Pub

The Ring O’ Bells, Moorlinch is a great village pub. It’s where you repair to after village meetings, weddings, funerals, trips to the cinema – and notably on a Tuesday night at 9.30 pm. The ‘Tuesday Club’ is cosseted by Lesley, with a roaring fire waiting. We also hold our Share Club meetings there, though I’m pretty sure most of our profits get drunk! Last year a downpour meant we also held our Jubilee Street Party there too.

Anyway, recently I suggested to mine hosts Trish and Clive that they might care to have original Art on the walls so yesterday we put up about a dozen paintings, displacing a Constable among others. Hope the locals like them. Hope the locals notice them!

The photo shows Trish, Amy, Emma and me and my ‘Chalice Morris Men at the Ring O’ Bells’DSCF4153 croppedThe scene of the painting is,appropriately, just outside the pub.


Return to Troutbeck

Getting ready for our second Lake District trip this year. Tomorrow we go back to Stamp Howe in Troutbeck – the third time we’ve stayed there with our daughter, son-in-law and three grandchildren. So I have a bag packed to the brim with art materials. We’re not staying next door to an art shop this time, but we are within minutes of dozens of inspiring sights and sites – barns, hill, stones, sheep, cottages, farms….

And not forgetting we’re within a stone’s throw of the Mortal Man pub!

I did a lot of drawing when we were there two years ago:

 ' Till the cows come home, Troutbeck'

‘ Till the cows come home, Troutbeck’

These, the farmer told me, were Ling cattle , from one of the scottish islands, though I’m ashamed to say I don’t really know where.

Towards the fells, Troutbeck

Towards the fells, Troutbeck

Mind you, it’s not all work – ┬áthis is our first breakfast, two years ago, served by Josie:

Mmm - Cumberland sausages!

Mmm – Cumberland sausages!

Croatian creations

Yes, this happened several months ago, but being confined to barracks during Somerset Art Weeks does allow time for a lot of keyboard catching up. As one visitor remarked a couple of years ago : ‘ you expect to see artists painting, but they’re all sitting at their computers…’

So thanks to the scanner Wizard ( not a Microsoft in vention but an actual person, my husband Peter) I can now publish some of my onboard Croatian creations:

Dubrovnik Marina, just arrived

Dubrovnik Marina, just arrived



Drawing 07 Kabac resized

Kabac and the Olive Mill

Drawing 12 Lumbarda resized


Drawing 03 Sipan Luka resized Drawing 04 Large lady, small boat resized Drawing 02 Sipan Luka resized

There are more where these come from…