Sticks and stones

Not a post about insults, but about my Beach which I first talked about on the Spring Farm Arts site. It’s outside my front door and it all started when we had all the weeds and undergrowth cleared and had stones put down. As soon as I walked on them they reminded me of scrunching along on Sidmouth beach as a child

fossils and stones from the IOW

fossils and stones from the IOW

DSCF2920 resizedDSCF1323 resized

...with added artists for an artcle about a summer open weekend at Spring Farm

…with added artists for an artcle about a summer open weekend at Spring Farm


I gradually went about increasing the Sea-side Effect, particularly with a Somerset Willow Lobster pot, and a wonderful anchor and chain – an amazing birthday present last year from daughter Nancy.

Obviously I’ve planted sea-holly and thrift, The seaweed from last year’s Scottish holiday is looking a bit crunchy though.

I tend to go to yacht chandlers rather than garden centres for my accessories now, and I have two marvellous pieces of rope from Yarmouth, on the Isle of Wight (also some fossils from a fascinating fossil walk with Felicity. Wow – what alliteration!). I’m not yet sure how to present them…

I’ve collected up most of the pieces of driftwood, stones and shell that have been lurking in bowls and baskets all over the house, the product of years of not being able to not pick things up on beaches.

And the great thing is, when I’m even more into my dotage I shall be able to go beachcombing from my own front door, delighting in finding again all the interesting stones and pretty shell I’d forgotten I put there!

A different artistic hat…

It’s a while since I posted on Art by Anne Farmer. One of the reasons is that I have been grappling with another blog – chandossociety – on behalf of another group I belong to (in fact I’m the publicity officer and Vice Chairman ) and this has taken a lot of blood, sweat, tears and keyboard time. Thanks to my trusty advisor Nancy Farmer, it’s gradually taking shape.

I’ve just reported on our 6th Bridgwater Art ChallengeBridgwater Art Challenge 2013 poster

and my own work will be based on sketches made at these locations in the town:DSCF2940 resized

One is the elegant, ancient bridge, rather monochrome and atmospheric. The other is a bustling scene with primary colours. Our pictures, when developed, will form part of an Exhibition at Bridgwater Arts Centre in September

DSCF2947 resized