a shiny new website…

Well…can I do this myself? (me, Anne Farmer). I really love my website – it was a present from my daughter Nancy – but she’s In Charge and it would be better if I could stand on my own two feet (well, my own two typing fingers) any way.So…testing, testing…


This site is to be the brand new website of Anne Farmer (once her daughter has actually put it all together). In the meantime there is nothing here and Anne’s artwork can be seen over at www.annefarmer.net. If you would like to be kept up to date with progress, please do feel free to follow this blog, and when content appears, you will be informed!

If you would like to see Anne’s paintings in the flesh, so to speak, she exhibits regularly as part of our Spring Farm Arts group, details of which and exhibition dates can be seen at www.springfarmarts.co.uk.

Any other questions, please email mail@annefarmer.net

Anne is currently messing about with boats, so I shall leave you with a one of her most appropriate paintings….

Three fishing boats, Greece

Three fishing boats, Greece

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